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On bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh State in to two States on 1st June 2014 as Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States, the General Council meeting of the AP State Akademi of Photography unanimously approved in its meeting dt: 12th Dec 2015, held at Hyderabad, to bifurcate AP State Akademi of Photography in to “ Andhra Pradesh Photography Akademi” and “Telangana Photography Akademi”.

Thus Telangana Photography Akademi has been carved out of erstwhile A P State Akademi of Photography on 12th Dec 2015.

The A P State Akademi of Photography was established with the ceaseless efforts of Dr N Bhagwandas, IAS, as an autonomous body for development of the art of photography. Nearly after eight years of passing a resolution at the Cultural Ministers Conference held at Hyderabad, in 1965, unanimously accepting photography as art and recommending to set up separate Akademies both at the state and centre to encourage photography as an art, the Government of A P with active efforts of Dr N Bhagwandas, taking the lead has constituted “ A P State Akademi of Photography” on 15th Nov 1973 through GO No: 239. Of Employment and Social Welfare Department. Since then many eminent photographers including Sri.Raja Triambak Raj Bhadur ARPS, Sri V S Appa Rao, Sri Bapi Raju, Sri Achanta Satyanarayana IAS, Sri C S Sastry IAS, Sri Malakondaiah IAS, Sri V S N Murthy IAS, Sri Phani Kumar IAS, Sri B Rajan Babu FRPS,
Sri K Vishwender Reddy ARPS rendered their services as President/ Secretary from time to time, till it was bifurcated in 2015, after formation of two states.

The preamble of the Government order reads:

“Government had under their consideration a proposal to set up a separate Akademi for Photography for some time past. The all India Cultural Conference, at its meeting held in Hyderabad in 1965 has recommended formation of a separate Akademi for development of Photography as an art. Andhra Pradesh enjoys the distinction of having largest camera clubs in the country. The State has been the venue of a number of All India, International Photographic Exhibitions; the work done by the camera clubs of the State has acquired an eminent place in the field of All India Photography. Government have considered the various representations made in this behalf and feel that there is justification for having a separate Akademi for Photography in the State, so that there is co-ordination to develop the art Photography in an organised manner” The Akademi has published 12 books with the works of eminent Photographers of the country.

Telangana Photography Akademi

After formation of the Telangana Photography Akademi, it got registered with the registrar of Societies, Government of Telangana vide Regd. No: 1057/2016 dated: 7th Oct 2016. The main aim of the Akademi is to promote art, science & technology of photography among the photographers, photo lovers and general public. The Akademi has number of clubs affiliated to it, functioning in almost all district of Telangana. As per the constitution of the Akademi only camera clubs can become the members of the Akademi.

Camera Clubs

To promote photography in a concerted way, the Akademi encourages photographers to open camera clubs in various parts of the Telangana State and get them affiliated to the Akademi. The main idea is that these clubs work with the main aim of promoting art of photography in their area and among the photographers of that area.

Opening of Camera Clubs

Any Seven members interested in photography may form a Camera Club in any part of Telangana Satate and get it registered with the Registrar of Societies, Government of Telangana and apply for the affiliation of the Telangana Photography Akademi.

Rules & Regulations to form a Camera Club & eligibility for the affiliation to the Telangana Photography Akademi:

  • One of the main objectives of the Club should be the promotion of Art, Science & Technology of Photography.
  • Any seven members interested in Photography can form a Camera Club.
  • Clubs opened in any part of Telangana State and registered with the Registrar of Societies, Govt. of Telangana are eligible for the affiliation of the Telangana Photography Akademi
  • The Club should have an active Bank account.
  • The Club should apply for the affiliation with copies of all above documents along with addresses and other details of their office bearers and members, Memorandum and articles of association to the Akademi for affiliation
  • The Executive Committee of the Akademi after going through the application, approves the affiliation and admits the Club as a member.

Benefits being the member of the Akademi

  • The Telangana Photography Akademi is a non-profit making Apex Photography organisation in the State of Telangana established with the aim of promoting Art, Science & Technology in its full farm.
  • All the office bearers of the Akademi and its affiliated Cubs work as volunteers without any remuneration.
  • The Akademi’s office bearers are elected in its General Council meeting by the members representing each affiliated Camera Club.
  • Being affiliated members of the Akademi, the clubs will get the benefit of guidance from the senior and master photographers for all their photography activities.
  • The Akademi with its long standing reputation can provide the services of masters in the field for their photography activities.
  • Though an independent autonomous body, the Akademi being established with the support of State Government originally, can get support and co-operation of concern Government departments’ support for our various Photography activities.
  • The Clubs will have the benefit of continuous guidance in organising their various Photography activities.
  • The members will have the benefit of applying for the Honours being awarded by the Akademi for achieving Excellency in Photography.
  • The Akademi annually organises National/International Photography Conventions and members will have the benefit in displaying their works during the Convention.
1st National Photography Conventio-2019 at Warangal City

After formation of Telangana Photography Akademi, we are organising a four day National Photography Convention-2019 at historically and culturally rich Warangal city from 28th Feb to 3rd March 2019. The theme of the convention is ‘Temple Architecture, Traditional and Tempe Dance Farms, Historical Monuments, Heritage Culture and many more’. We are planning to get the services of eminent masters in the field to mentor all the sessions. As part of the convention we are planning to make a touring exhibition with the works of delegates, print an exhibition catalogue and award cash, medals and certificates for the best entries. Telangana Tourism, Department of Language & Culture and District Administration of Warangal are associated with the Akademi in organising the Convention successfully.

You are all requested to participate in the convention by registering your slot immediately and also give maximum publicity among all your photography friends to take part in the Convention. Looking forward to see you all in large numbers at the Convention and don’t miss the great opportunity to meet the masters, making great images and meeting all new photography friends attending the event from all parts of the country. We assure you, that you will not be disappointed by attending this prestigious Photography event of the year.

Telangana Photography Akademi

Lockdown Photography Challenge



  1. Window Light Portaits
  2. Minimalistic Interiors
  3. Shadows and textures
  4. Still Life with Household articles
  5. Color as Expression

Create captivating images sitting home and win Akademi certificates and ribbons.

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  1. The contest is open to all Photographers, enthusiasts, hobbyists, amateurs and professionals from all over the globe.
  2. No entry fee.
  3. Each participant can submit a total of 5 entries only all subjects put together.
  4. One can submit by 5 images in one subject or one or two in any subject as he/she wishes, but total submissions should not be more than Five.
  5. All entries should be 72 dpi and 1800 pixels on long side.
  6. The images can be captured with mobile cameras or conventional cameras
  7. The last date to submit the entries is 30th April 2020
  8. All entries must be submitted online only. Please register or login to submit the images.
  9. This photo contest is being planned to give wings to your imagination.
  10. The idea is to make you explore invisible and visible subjects around you in your home itself.
  11. By creating images in limited area, you can prove that for photography any thing can be a subject.
  12. The winning entries will be chosen, based on creativity, use of light, depth, perspective and newness. Out of the box images stand better chance.
  13. The images must be taken within your home, from balcony/windows and within in your compound wall.
  14. Pictures must have been shot between today and 30th April 2020 only.
  15. Original files will be asked if needed.
  16. Judges decision is final.
  17. The winning entries will be awarded with Telangana Photography Akademi's certificates and Ribbons.
  18. The selected and winning entries will be posted in Akademi's Group page.
  19. For any further clarification, please send queries only by message in the Akademi's group page.

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